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Are you looking for a good restaurant that has good, tasty food for your family dinner and guests? The Ferry Inn in Tenterden provides the best food dining in Rye experience with its variety of flavors and expertise in different styles of cuisines. The Ferry Inn is not a one-time go-to place, but it has a large variety of cuisine, a vineyard, it offers places to stay, and good music to enjoy during meals. Most of the tourists from nearby prefer the place for themselves and their families on weekends.

What stands out at The Ferry Inn from other restaurants in Tenterden? Although there are a variety of restaurants in the area, what makes The Ferry Inn the best food dining Rye for the locals and tourists?

The farm Fresh Ingredients

Their secret to the outstanding taste is the farm fresh ingredients served after being prepared by their skilled chefs to your table. They grow vegetables and meat at their own farms with health and safety standards without any harmful synthetics that taste delicious and different from all the Good Restaurant in the locality.

Infused Flavors

Where other restaurants prepare traditional dishes, The Ferry Inn offers the same traditional food of Tenterden with their secretly infused flavors. The chefs prepare sauces and spices that taste different flavorsome. They make such a combination of spices that you cannot find anywhere else. From mouthwatering starters to the mains, they have included specialty dishes in chicken, goat, lamb, and vegetables. Each dish is made with the culinary skills that keep meat soft and juicy. They fry, bake, smoke, and toss the recipes and salads with infusions of their own to make every menu taste perfect. While their vines and desserts have another level of supremacy in taste.

The vast Vine Menu for every Taste

The Ferry Inn offers several flavors of simple vine, premium vine, and Engish vine to deliver the best taste to your table. The place is ideal for enjoying the thematic aesthetics of the vineyard while listening to good music. The vineyards are also the perfect place to rest and relax. Crafted with the best mix of flavors and aromas, The Ferry Inn vines taste heavenly. There is no better idea to share a bottle with your family and friends while enjoying the delicious food in town..

Give Yourself a Break- Stay Close to Nature

You can also book your stay with them in the heart of natural greenery, where you can enjoy worryless farm life for a while. They have contacts with the holiday hotels and sites, so you can book your stay with them on discounts and cheaper deals. There, waking up on bright sunny mornings, enjoying deliciously prepared breakfast from farm eggs, bread, and butter, and enjoying feeding the goats and the other animals lighten your whole mood. You can choose from caravan and camping, holiday cottages, conversions, cold harbor, great prawls, and other AirBnb options you enjoy your warm, cozy, and heartful weekend in the healthiest environment quality.

Eatery, fun, comfort, and scenic Tour

The Ferry Inn is the best food dining Rye place in the town because of its finest eatery, vines, and ambiance. In addition, the restaurant is located in the relaxing and calm scenic view of Kent that consists of greenery, farms, domestic animals, healthy weather, and many sightseeing places. It is a perfect place to take a tour all day around and treat yourself to the exquisite culinary treat with the finest drinks and heavenly desserts. The place is ideal for weekend and fortnight vacations for individuals, families, and children.


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