Make Handcrafted Breads

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The beautiful town of Rye is famous for its delicious food and the ambiance of the restaurants. Among them, The Ferry Inn ranks at the top of Food Dining Rye for a variety of reasons. The artisan food offerings are completely different from any other restaurant in the area. The chefs here have exquisite craftsmanship for flavouring and techniques for unique culinary treats. They make handcrafted breads, cheese, and fresh meat which is the real essence of their delicious menu offerings.

Taste the delicious meals differently

The variety of reasons to choose The Ferry includes its personalized or boutique dining. It offers personalized ambiance and menus for their special guests. They create a fresh and well-decorated environment as you require for your personalized dining experience. You can demand decoration that depicts history or a modern chic theme to suit your preference. The Ferry Inn does not only offer dining but they pay full attention to get you the best ambience experience with your partner.

Fresh Meals At The Centre of the Scenic Beauty

The restaurant makes fresh meals that are made from farm-fresh produce. They collaborate with local farmers and source the flour, meat, vegetables, seafood and seasoning ingredients. that is why the meals at the restaurant taste differently from other restaurants in spite of following the same recipes.

Superb seafood at the beaches

Like other foods, seafood is also caught fresh from the sea and brought to the table with different spices and sauces prepared with the chef’s special recipes. The menus feature dishes like rich fish stews, grilled scallops, and fresh oysters, all of which are made to highlight the sea’s inherent characteristics. Any tourist to Rye should definitely enjoy the seafood as it is of the high-quality taste, and freshest available.

Seasonal Menus are the speciality of the Restaurant

The Food Dining in Rye is famous for the seasonal dishes prepared with ingredients that are available. Seasonal foods are the tastiest as they are in their full bloom and infuse the rich aroma and taste to the food they are put in. Their menu varies with the best harvest available while keeping the main attraction of their menu irreplaceable. The Ferry Inn is the ideal place to enjoy seasonal food prepared with the chef’s culinary expertise and in the light refreshing ambience.

Festive Food for Tourists and Locals

The chefs are masters of making special festive dishes that enhance the celebration more. Hence this place is the perfect celebration dining option in Rye. The Ferry Inn holds culinary events for the guests that depict local cuisine with international flavours. Attending the event takes you to the heartful vibe of the town.

This is where the art meets Cuisine

At The Ferry Inn, the chefs are an artist who creates culinary masterpieces with the traditional recipes infused with the chef’s secret ingredients. The chefs are equally skilled in roasting, smoking, baking and fermenting to transform them into the most delicious dishes for you.

The perfect place to stay

What’s better than to rest in a clean healthy environment after a superb night meal? Waking up to a freshly prepared breakfast with the most beautiful scenes waiting for your visit. The restaurant also arranges hotels and cottages for their customers to enjoy good night sleep and get the most enjoyable weekend.

Breakfast and Brunch

The place is famous not only for dinner and night stay but for cosy breakfasts and brunch on the pure thematic farm to enjoy and relax. The perfect English breakfast is made with farm-fresh products that are healthy and refreshing.


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