Culinary Destination for Tourists

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What is better than having the best delicacy meals on your table and in the picturesque town of Tenterden in Kent? Tenterden town is famous for its historic heritage and is now a jewel to visitors because of the delightful Tenterden Restaurants. It has earned recognition as a culinary destination for tourists around the world. You can enjoy farm-fresh produce cooked with special art and brought right to your table in the heart of the fairy-tale town.

Our Every Flavor Tells A Story

Tenterden restaurants are a combination of rich Vineyards and delicious local food. There is no match to The Ferry Inn stone in Oxney restaurants that offers mouth-watering starters, fresh seafood, and a chicken, pork and beef menu with roasted vegetables and delightful deserts. Served with the finest wine in town, it completes all the attributes of the luxurious dining experience.

The widest Fusion Of Flavors in the town

The Ferry Inn is the name of the finest flavours fusion of variety of meat made with special seasoning and flavors around the world. You just name it from the steamed, smoked, fried, thai, fast-food and ultra-luxurious meals, and there they are on the table by the skilful and professional chefs. We understand that you are a spice enthusiast; that is why we keep extra sizzling meals on the menu.

We also have the finest desserts that are made with farm-fresh milk, cream, butter and other real ingredients. Whether it is sponge custard or toffee pudding, ice cream or sorbet, we bet you have never tasted such magical delicacies anywhere.

The most unforgettable dining Experience

We have the ideal place to make your special day an unforgettable day with our eating and dining services. Whether you want a candlelight or a celebration dinner party, we arrange it among the most scenic views of Tenderden, along with the luxurious seating and dining arrangement.

Stay close to nature and enjoy the farm life

For the supreme experience, we are one of the most comfortable Tenderden Restaurants, suggest the most Culinary Destination, enthusiastic and romantic places to stay so that you can relax and enjoy the best for your money.

Relax, Eat And enjoy a Little break from a Busy Life

We have good deals of camping, caravans, far-buildings, holiday cottages, cold harbour cottages and other AirBnB places for our valued customers. You can choose the host of your choice that offers farm food, eggs, fresh breakfasts, and wines and also welcome your pets to stay with you. This keeps you close to nature, and you can enjoy the scenic green valleys, fresh morning air and feeding farm animals.

Refine your dining experience with the supreme wines and drinks

We have different menus for regular, premium and English wines. You can choose from a wide variety of wines along with the tastiest food with your partner. We choose the finest flavours for our pub and place them on the menu available every day for the customers. Our pub gets you the ultimate pleasure in the heart of the beautiful town of Kent that you cannot find in other Tenterden restaurants.

The excellent choice by the excellent diners

Tenterden is one of the most beautiful towns in Kent. the dinner restaurants in Rye are also famous for food, dining facilities Culinary Destination, wine selection and the most enjoyable places to stay. Eating and indulging in the farm life for a while is a splendid way to take a break from busy city life. With a rich cultural history, the themed Tenterden restaurants provide good sights for photography, relaxing and making unforgettable memories with your family.



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